Pauline House – MMF Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2019

Master Musician Festival symbol showing music treble clefs in a circular pattern.

By Tara Kaprowy Step into Pauline House’s piano studio, and, framed on the wall, you’ll immediately see this mouthful of a word: misodoctakleidist. It means someone who hates practicing the piano or, alternatively, someone who isn’t very good at playing the instrument. It serves as a small glimpse into House’s personality, hinting at her dry […]

Maria McNeil – MMF Music Educator of the Year 2019

Maria McNeil

By Julie Harris When a young Maria McNeil met her soon-to-be adoptive parents, there was an undeniable kinship between them. Call it irony, call it circumstance, call it destiny. But in that moment Maria and her parents learned they share a deep love of music — a bond that makes any differences in physical appearance […]