Pauline House – MMF Lifetime Achievement Award Winner 2019

Master Musician Festival symbol on green background.

By Tara Kaprowy Step into Pauline House’s piano studio, and, framed on the wall, you’ll immediately see this mouthful of a word: misodoctakleidist. It means someone who hates practicing the piano or, alternatively, someone who isn’t very good at playing the instrument. It serves as a small glimpse into House’s personality, hinting at her dry […]

Maria McNeil – MMF Music Educator of the Year 2019

Maria McNeil

By Julie Harris When a young Maria McNeil met her soon-to-be adoptive parents, there was an undeniable kinship between them. Call it irony, call it circumstance, call it destiny. But in that moment Maria and her parents learned they share a deep love of music — a bond that makes any differences in physical appearance […]