Jonathan New is a multi instrumentalist, lifelong resident of Slate Branch in Somerset, Kentucky, and the son of Brother J.S. and Carolyn New. Jonathan was raised singing and playing gospel and hymns in his father’s church, Denham Street Baptist. From there, Jonathan learned the guitar and bass in addition to playing the piano.

Jonathan began writing his own songs and has released two solo albums, “My Guitar and I” in 2011, and “For Your Amusement“ in 2020.

He has contributed to several local groups over the years such as, Reverend John and The Backsliders, The Flint Ridge Millers, Travis Harris and the West Coast Turnarounds, Spooky Fox, and has been the guitarist for the Rachel Crowe Band for the past 5 years.

Jonathan currently gives guitar and bass lessons at Earl Brookes Music. He regularly performs live through out the region, plays for his church’s praise team, cheers for the Reds and Bengals, and takes part with several local charities in effort to combat homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, and poverty.

Jonathan is also a dairy goat farmer which explains why he smells the way he does.

Jonathan New

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