In this fast-paced, give more day and age, sometimes you just need that settled, relaxed, be your true self, come home feeling. That’s exactly what Van Winkle & the Spirits offers in its Americana music. There’s a subtle and hard to translate difference between house and home, but that is that same difference in music and what Van Winkle & the Spirits brings to the table.

The band brings down-home musical roots influenced by a mix of southern styles and artistry that leaves you feeling like you are on the front porch with family enjoying the rich warmth nestled in a glass of bourbon. It’s an altogether different kind of Kentucky Hug when you hear the southern rock, country, folk, soul, and gospel blending together in original songs like “Heading Out West.” You will want to kick back with ankles crossed when their unique blend of soulful melodies with rich harmonies and a slide guitar hits your soul.

The seasoned musicians of Van Winkle & the Spirits collaborate from a shared thread in music. “Our original music paints a wide brushstroke of influences,” says Jonathan Tomes, lead singer. “We all grew up in spiritual households and were raised on gospel from an early age.” This is evident as the band sings from the soul and takes you to church in songs like “Leaving Home” where they deliver an authentic experience. Guitarist, David Erickson, sums it up best when he says, “We just like playing music that we like to listen to.”

Van Winkle & the Spirits